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Henrietta's Holistic Healing Centre, 5 Millar Crescent, Morningside, Edinburgh, EH10 5HN
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I hope that you will enjoy what you find here and that the pages on my website will be informative in communicating the essence of my centre and the work that I do. My website attracts visitors & clients from all around the world. Paypal is integrated into my website and I hope that this will be helpful to all my clients at home and abroad. There are other therapists who work from my Healing Centre. Feel free to contact them if you’re interested in any one of a range of benificial holistic therapies that they offer. If you have any questions, queries or comments please feel free to contact me. Kind regards & Blessings to everyone who visits my website
My Autobiography: Part One is now published
When the Screaming Stops. My Autobiography: Part One
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