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Henrietta's Holistic Healing Centre, Promenade, Portobello, Edinburgh
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My Autobiography: Part One
When the Screaming Stops
When the Screaming Stops, My Autobiography: Part One
Imagine all the reasons to scream, supernatural and human, then imagine living through them. Henrietta, a renowned clairvoyant and healer, spent her childhood in Edinburgh’s Craigmillar. She survived a strained relationship with her mother, instead of nurture there was indifference and at times violence. Married life was an escape, then the arrival of two beautiful daughters. However, an unexpected death uncovers a heart breaking betrayal. Villains and corruption follow, and one by one all must be faced and defeated. Henrietta needs all her strength to protect her young family. Her extraordinary gifts awaken and develop. You will walk, laugh and cry with her along this amazing journey, as she finds her voice and the screaming finally stops.
My Autobiography, "When the Screaming Stops" is currently available to buy as an ebook from Amazon. Click here to buy. I plan to release my book in printed form in the coming weeks.